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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1991 Honda CRX - Si

One of my favirote cars, they are lightweight and have good handling. These cars are quick, and seems like you are driving a toy at high speeds. Although it is not as fast without an engine swap. It is 0-60 mph 8.87 seconds for the Si. If you do decide to get one, look for rust spots, the best swap for the crx is the B-Series engine swap, these come of off the 2000 Civic si. But to get most out of Honda get a H22a. That is off a Prelude Type S, that are only made in Japan, so you will need to get it imported. Overall this vehicle is great, and is a great tuner or project car for anybody.
1991 SI ONLY STOCK, different performance with different engines
Engine: 1.6L 108 hp at 5800 rpm Inline 4
Performance: 0-60 mph in 8.87 seconds
Weight: aproximately 2100 lbs


Anna said...

I remember this car, not many on the road anymore, very nice photo. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

It was my FAV growing up and it's still one of my Fav's. i just can't seem to find one in good shape anywhere.