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Friday, February 12, 2010

Onyx Bentley Continental Platinum GTO

Onyx are back and this time have moved away from the SUV market to concentrate on one of britains top luxury vehicles the Bentley continetal GT. The conversion consists of a revised front bumper with carbon fibre inserts, DRL's and a carbon fibre lower splitter. The sides have been widened with some clean cut arches and sideskirts. Lastly but certainly not least is the rear with a revised rear bumper and smashing looking rear carbon fibre difusser.

The boot lid has also been complimented with a carbon fibre touch in the form of a deck spoiler. Adding to the exterior conversion ONYX also have the additional extras that they offer to all there vehicles, this being bespoke bufallo hide leather interior and carbon fibre interior panelling. As always the Irish tuners have there own suspension lowering system, the engine power upgrade which they havent given an exact figure yet but have said that for the normal GT being 550BHP this will be over the 640BHP mark. Lastly they have given the car a set of there own 22" TPM matt black wheels which gives the vehicle a great stance. Onyx have said that they have another 2 wheel designs that they will be launching shortly and this bentley conversion will be on the market from may this year. For more information on this visit the onyx website at


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