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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR

The Shelby GT500KR doesn't look much different than, the Ford Mustang, so I don't know why they gave it a different name. The GT500KR is crowned the King of the Roads of 2008, and celebrates it's 40th anniversary. The GT500KR V8 Supercharged engine produces 510 torque and 540 horsepower. The Shelby GT500KR will be produced in an exclusive run of 1000 units and began arriving in Ford dealers in the spring of 2008.
Power bhp: 540
Torque lb-ft: 510
Type: V8 Supercharged

Accelaration 0-60 mph: 4.3 seconds
Top Speed: 155(electronically limited)

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