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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 Things Your Car Should Say About You

A car speaks volumes about its owner.

A top Mercedes talks of a high powered and driven individual. A boy racer cover in stickers suggests learning difficulties.

You don’t have to own the most expensive car on the road, but here are five qualities your ride should say about you.


A great looking car is like a beautiful woman. They turn heads and make every guy in the room (or in this case on the road) jealous with envy.

But it all comes to nothing if the man behind the wheel is unshaven and doesn’t use an iron, let alone own one.

Looking after your appearances doesn’t take much effort and the results are huge. Not only do you feel more confident as a person, everyone around you will respect you for it.


A powerful car is going places, and so is the owner.

There is something incredibly exciting about powerful cars. Maybe it’s the roar of the engine, or the knowledge that putting your foot down will leave those around you in the dust.

Being powerful, and being around powerful people, is a thrilling experience. Powerful people are normally confident risk takers and prove to be very interesting company.

Fill your life with proactive people who are constantly empowering themselves and you’ll find that, as a person, you will grow considerably. They will challenge and test you, and you’ll be all the better for it.


The most important quality of any car is the knowledge that every time you turn the key, the engine will start.

There is nothing more stressful or irritating then an unreliable car, the same goes for people.

If people know you will deliver on your promises time and time again they will love you for it.

Having integrity is important in all walks of life, from your career to your relationships and down to the knowledge that at the end of the day you can rely on yourself.


Some cars just ooze confidence.

They’re powerful, stylish, over deliver every time and they dam well know it.

Being confident is such an admired trait, because it is so rare. Confident people are 1 in a 100 and they often provoke jealosy and admiration because they have something that everyone wants, yet is in such short supply.

No matter your job or income, if you know that you’re a good a person who tries to better themselves on a regular basis, you have every right to be confident.


The mark of every great car, and person, is ambition.

Both are willing to take risks, try something new and push themselves to the limit.

They are often goal orientated, driven and know what they want from life.

This doesn’t necessarily mean being the fastest car on the road or climbing the corporate ladder. It means you are willing to push yourself, be constantly learning and stick to your beliefs.

In many ways without ambition, all of the other qualities listed here, will suffer.

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