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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Citroen GT Concept in Gran Turismo Prologue

Citroen is really dragging its feet with the reveal of its GT concept.

Here's the latest photos that we've got our hands on, and it's still all looking pretty damn good.
The front wing we already know is going to be very aggressive, but what the hell is going on with that rear end?

The drawn out wing/table thing looks nuts. As does the lower carbon fibre splitter.
It's all for PS3's Gran Turismo Prologue game, which you'll be able to drive the GT concept in (hence the name).

But as that's it, we've no idea about the power train. Honestly though, with these looks and no chance of it ever really being made, who actually cares?

All we do care about is getting to the Paris motor show on Thursday so we can head straight do Citroen's stand.

Not Lambo or Ferrari, but Citroen! Who'd have thought?

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