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Sunday, September 7, 2008

VW Scirocco

For some reason, the Volkswagen Scirocco hasn't really blipped on my radar.

It's just one of those cars that's sort of passed me by - despite all the hype and nostalgic musings it's generated.

Maybe that's because the Iroc concept looked so brilliant, only for VW to lose their guts and dilute it into a softer, less edgy-looking production version.

Such gutlessness caused me to lose interest. What happened to that pointy, aggressive front-end? I wanted it back.

But, sat there in the BBC's secret underground layer (just off the A40 at White City), it looked bloody brilliant.

Pictures don't do this thing justice. In white, it looks properly cool, and the wheels are unlike anything on other 'normal' cars - they're more like the turbine-style jobs you get on an SLR.
And underneath all that, it's a Golf GTI. There are worse things to have as an alter-ego...

So it's quick. And stylish. Quick, stylish and utterly appealing. I want one.

Driving around west London, it got tonnes of attention. Maybe that's 'cos it's new, but the constant flicker of 'thumbs up' from pedestrians, cabbies and truckers would suggest people really like the look of it.

The only let down is the interior - it's boring. OK so I like the ribbed leather seats, and they're the only nod to the Scirocco of old.

But the rest of it is dull, and a bit safe in a very VW sort of way. The Iroc had all sorts of sculpted surfaces, bright splashes of colour and even a racing harness. Where's all that gone?

Probably in the same dustbin as the original front-end. So if you're planning on buying a Scirocco (which you should), my advice is to go find that bin, fish out the parts and graft them back on.
Source: Top Gear

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