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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Secret new Lambo at Paris Car Show

First Porsche, and now it's Lambo's turn to reveal a frustrating teaser picture of a potential new star of the upcoming Paris show.

Unlike Porsche, though, this one has taken us a bit by surprise we genuinely have no idea what it is. And that tightly cropped carbon rear diffuser isnt giving anything away.

So, until Lamborghini spills the beans we're left to speculate. We've seen a 4x4 concept in the past with the LM and heard (very) unconfirmed rumours of a new entry-level model to slot in beneath Gallardo. Some have even said the words 'four' and 'door'.

One thing we do know is we'll get an answer at some point before October 2.

Source: Top Gear

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Automotive Marketing said...

yep I too hope te same so eagerly counting up the days ....