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Friday, May 16, 2008

2001 BMW 740il

The 2001 BMW 740il is a perfect example of a pure BMW. The 7 series has always fascinated me, as it never seems to get old. The style the power is up to modern expectations. If you need performance the e38(740il) has it, if you need style the e38 has it. E38 is the chassis name, mainly used by BMW enthusiasts and is the proper name for the 7 series. The e38 comes in many different packages, a sport edition, a luxury edition, both exceed to great expectations. The 740il carries a V8 engine which produces 282 hp, and 324 torque. The car mainly known for it's luxurious style, but BMW puts in all it's might and makes it a mean, fighting machine. The handling of the car is superb, talking from experience, and gets up to top speed in a glance. Overall the 2001 BMW 740il is just a perfect car, one of the most reliable BMW's ever produced.

Power bhp: 282
Torque lb-ft: 324
Type: V8

Acceleration 0-60 mph: 6.8 seconds


Anonymous said...

take that spoiler off that car!

Anonymous said...

I cant agree more. Thats the most beautiul car, with the most messed up face Ive ever seen.

7even 4rty said...

Not the best example of a good looking e38, but it's definitely the most beautiful 7 made!