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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Relentless Show Stopping FX35

When the Infiniti FX35 first made it's debut in 2003, it made quite an entrance. It was the fastest SUV in production. Like most Nissan's it inherits many of it's family generics from the 350z and G35. Which made it useless off road, whimpering SUV? Nope not really the FX35 is something else on the black top.

Viet Nguyen our boy from California, decided to make his FX35 a better than before SUV that packed a punch into the hot import nights. First of all he would put on some aftermarket rims, and later on the FX35 was supercharged by JWT. He went down to California to test his project at the local drag races. He landed 13.3 at 103 mph for the quarter mile. Many people would be satisfied with these results but no Viet, he went for more.

The first things to go were the S2 cams from JWT and in went C2 cams instead. The turbos were swapped out next, as a pair of GT28 turbos would be more capable of handling higher boost pressure. The new cams were working the valves with JWT springs and the valves themselves had just received a three-angle job. The rest of the head was ported and polished. The exhaust is routed through JWT 700BB manifolds into 2.5-inch test pipes from APS and exits through a GReddy Evo TT 70mm system. The engine internals were reinforced with forged Pauter rods and Arias pistons and rings. Fuel was brought from the stock tank with a Walbro 255lph pump and sent to Nismo 555cc/min injectors. HKS handled the ignition with their Twin Power DLI-II system. In the meantime, the internals of the auto transmission were upgraded to a Level 10 kit, the torque converter was swapped for one from Edge Racing and ATS Carbonetics handled the differential. Finally, a Rotora brake kit helps bring the vehicle to a stop, thanks in part to massive 15-inch front discs and 14-inch rears.

The car was now putting down over 500 hp to the wheels. It made a significant difference at the strip as well, with his best run now being a 12.7 at 110 mph-seriously fast for a vehicle like this.

With all this power you think he would keep this car in the garage right? Nope Viet uses this car as a daily commuter and drives up to 100 miles a day. This car is definitely a show stopper, head turner, rice eater for sure.

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