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Friday, May 2, 2008

2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe

The new Infinit G37 Coupe made it's debut at the International Auto Show 2007 in New York City. It combines performance and luxury, making the ideal sports car. The style, performance, and modern interior is brought to new levels with the 2008 Inifiniti G37. Among the new features it has larger, stronger engine, a V6 that produces 330 break horsepower and 270 pound torque. Handling and ride performance increases for the new model. The G37 was tested in Nürburgring, Germany where it was called a "thoroughbred performance vehicle".
Power bhp: 330
Torque lb-ft: 270
Type: V6
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual

Acceleration 0-6o mph: 5.2 seconds

My Rating: *****/*****

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Carrizo said...

Nice car. Model is unknown here, but it does not matter.

I added some photos from my car to my new blog: