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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2006 Ariel Atom

Okay, if you are to scared to drive a motorcycle what do you get, if you went to have the thrill of a motorcycle what do you get, the Ariel Atom of course. It is one of the fastest most fun cars ever made, and it feels like a motorcycle. It performs like a race car and is legal in the U.S. which is very important, because then it would be no fun if we could not drive it here in America. When you drive the Ariel Atom you can see for your self how the driver train works, you can see .at the side of the car how you push the acceleration pedal and how the arms turn the wheels. The Ariel Atom is one fast vehicle, faster than a Bugatti off the start but not at the top speed. The Atom does 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph, and it has no front shield so be prepared for all the flies and bugs going into your face and teeth.

Power bhp: 300
Driveline: Rear Wheel Drive
Type: Supercharged Inline-4

Acceleration 0-60 mph: 2.7 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph

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