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Saturday, June 7, 2008

ASI Tetsu GTR: Flower Power

The Bentley ASI Tetsu GTR, is a Japanese-modified Bentley Continental GT, that proves it's not only the Europeans who have bad taste in accesorizing their cars.

I'm not sure what offends me the most about the Tetsu. Is it the awful R8-mimicking rear end with DTM-spec rear wing? Maybe it's the jarring juxt aposition of the carbon-fibre bonnet with flower decals, which is apparently the work of renowned Japanese artist Nakamura Tetsui.

Which doesn't make it any more acceptable.

ASI has fettled an extra 250bhp from the Conti's six-litre W12 engine - bringing overall power to a nice round 800bhp - but doesn't specify how. Alchemy and witchcraft, perhaps. Over all the Tetsu is just one ugly car, that looks like it was designed by a crack head on lsd.

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Anonymous said...

that is one ugly car