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Friday, June 13, 2008

Hybrid/Diesel Land Rover LRX

THIS is the first picture of the new “baby” Land Rover.
The car-like LRX blends the looks of a 4x4 with a coupé.

And it will be the “green” new face of Land Rover - exploding the myth of 4x4s as gas eating monsters.

It's diesel/hybrid engine will slash CO2 emissions and return 40 mpg when the car goes on sale in 2010.

Land Rover managing director Phil Popham says the LRX is described as a cross-coupé this gives “a powerful message” that the firm is serious about environment friendly vehicles.
He said “It’s a way of affirming the brand’s responsible approach."

The car, features lightweight materials, it is 5.9 ins shorter than the Freelander and 8.1 ins lower. Butstill a full four seater with wood and leather trim.

Sun Motoring Editor Ken Gibson said “It’s sensational and extends the brand into a new segment.”
Source: The Sun

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little sister said...

Mayby when I grow up I might get this car and it look's good.