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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aston Martin N400 Roadster

It's all abou the sound of the engine in the new Aston Martin N400 roadster. With the roof down, at 4,000 rpm you reach what appears to be the most favorable feeling in the world "Nirvana". At this point at the exhuast baffles up more, rather than the V8 burbling away, it takes on a much harder edge. Thank goodness the engine has a lovely singing voice.

The N400 is a limited-edition car with only 240 built and now completely sold out, but you might still be able to get the odd one at one of the dealers. It gets the same rather naff Nürburgring map stitched into the leather on the interior ,and also gets the sports suspension option that appears on the Vantage face-lift.

What's really impressive though about this is, that it doesn't ruin the ride. There's still a suppleness here that's surprising in a roadster, which means that scuttle shake also never becomes a problem.

Other than the slightly notchy gear change, the driving experience is incredible, it really is surprising how pointy and directional the N400 feels. All of which means that concentrating on the noise becomes pretty much the only thing you need concern yourself with.


Anna Karrem said...

You have a nice blog.

José said...


Indeed it's quite provocative.
The colour is nice for a presentation, but I find that orange too agressive for my taste; I know that I'm not seeing it live, which can be a totally different impression. But I prefer the Nissan 350Z's orange.
In terms of sound....well...I really like the Pagani Zonda F, if you don't mind :-)

Take care,