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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to Buy a Cheap Sports Car

Step 1:Know that chain gas stations supply magazines with local listings of sports cars and most of these car magazines have a $2,999 and Under section where cars like Mazda Miatas and Nissan 240sx and Nissan 300zx can be found.

Step 2:Realize that Auto Trader Website is a haven for someone looking for a cheap sports car, with easy access to local and non-local sports cars through extremely easy search parameters.

Step 3:Look to buy a sports car for under $3000 at junkyards. Many junkyards put together older sport cars and will sometimes sell the refurbished vehicles for next to nothing.

Step 4:Check out Craigslist where it's easy to select cars--set the maximum amount to $3000; then set search parameters for local.

Step 5:Find used sports cars on eBay too, but expect to get outbid by someone like you. However, eBay is well known, and many people selling a car will lean towards eBay because they often get good results once the auctioning begins.

Step 6:Get involved in a car community or club to buy a sports car for under $3000. Start going to car shows and networking with people. Car enthusiasts will have four to five car projects going on, many next to being finished. Some people end up selling of one of their side project cars to pay for parts for a more current project--that's where you jump in to buy a sports car for under $3000. Networking will get you some of the best results.

Step 7:Work on your negotiating skills if you're not able to buy a sports car for under $3000. Keep in mind that the newest year for these used vehicles will be a 1998.

Step 8:Look for cars, such as a 1993 to 1996 Lexus SC300, 1993 to 1994 Lexus SC400, 1990 to 1996 Mazda Miata, 1993 to 1998 Honda Civic Coupe EX, 1991 to 1997 Toyota Celica, 1988 to 1992 Toyota Supra Turbo or 1989 to 1995 Acura Integra. These are just some of the possibilities.

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